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DSP Builder

DSP Builder is a complete development kit for rapidly building your own real time bidding applications

  • Complete bidding workflows
  • No costly technology investment
  • Unified supply with unlimited API integrations
  • Build your own bidder quickly so you can focus on optimization

    • Build your own bidder from open source software
    • Leverage already developed bidding workflows to complete your RTB platform
  • Get full access and visibility on your ad buying

    • Get instant access to exchanges in all channels including mobile, video and native
    • Enable RTB and direct order automation
  • Take control over your bidding strategy

    • Leverage your data by plugging your algorithms into the APIs
    • Optimize spend across thousands of buyers and sellers
  • Customize without development complexity

    • Get greater insights on your audience data with customized apps
    • Easily integrate campaign performance data into your own client dashboard

High Frequency Cloud 2

HFC2 is a purpose-built cloud platform for rapidly developing and running hyperscale applications

  • Built for high-frequency computing
  • Optimized for low network latency
  • Ultra high throughput
  • Massive parallel data computations
  • Improve campaign performance by eliminating bid timeouts

    • Purpose built servers with higher grade chips and hardware buses for faster internal throughput
    • Top tier network hardware offers exponentially faster processing
  • Evaluate bid requests against audience data without latency

    • AeroSpike and Hadoop are hardware based services allowing bare metal throughput
    • Spark data streaming with Kafka message brokering service, at the hardware level
  • Accurately plan for capacity and tune for performance

    • Direct access and control of your data centers, servers, and racks
    • 10Gbit Network Interconnect enables more data in the same amount of time
  • Quickly configure a real time bidding system with applicable APIs

    • Access to RTB bidding workflows via an API
    • Preconfigured access to Rubicon Project exchange plus access to all exchanges via API